DSR Normalizer is a professional application for loudness normalization into various video formats.

This application uses EBU R128 / BS1770r3 algorithms with very high accuracy.

Key Features

Supported formats: *.avi, *.mp4, *.ts, *.m2t, *.wmv, *.flv, *.mov, *.mpg, *.vob, *.swf, *.mkv, *.dv, *.mxf, *.mpeg

Output formats:

  • dvvideo, *.avi, 4:3, 720×576, progressive, 25fps, 4:2:0 / pcm16, stereo, 48kHz
  • dvvideo, *.avi, 16:9, 720×576, progressive, 25fps, 4:2:0 / pcm16, stereo, 48kHz
  • MPEG2, 50 MbpS, *.mxf, 16:9, 1920×1080, progressive, 25fps, 4:2:2 / pcm16, stereo, 48kHz

Normalization accuracy: ±0.5 LUFS

Target level: -23LUFS (May be changed from -34 LUFS till 0 LUFS)

Exact match BS1770 rev.3 and EBU R128

Batch processing: Unlimited

System requirements: Windows 7/8/8.1/10, MS Framework 4.5.2+, CPU i3+,  RAM 2GB+

v. 3.7.8,  Update: 13 APR 2018