Audio Normalizer perform loudness normalization in most popular audio formats with high accuracy and at maximum speed.
The application uses an intuitive interface that is accessible even. Сompliance EBU R128, EBU R128 s1, BS 1770-3, ATSC/A85

Accuracy of measurement and processing is confirmed by official EBU tests. The link to the page the EBU tests:

drag & drop

fast scan & normalize

support for broadcast WAV audio

batch processing

Supported input formats: *.aac, *.ac3, *.aiff, *.amr, *.flac, *.iff, *.m4a, *.mp3, *.ogg, *.oga, *.wav, *.wma, *.m4b, *.m4p, *.m4r, *.m4v, *.mp4, *.3gp, *.eac3, *.tta”

Supported output encoders / formats:

  • Uncompressed Audio / PCM: *.wav
  • AAC: *.aac, *.m4a, *.m4b, *.m4p, *.m4r, *.m4v, *.mp4, 3gp
  • MP3 (Lame): *.mp3
  • E-AC-3 / ATSC A/52: *.eac3
  • AC-3: *.ac3
  • FLAC: *.flac
  • WMA v1/2: *.wma
  • TTA: *.tta
  • ALAC: *.m4a

Standarts: EBU R128, EBU R128 s1, BS.1770-3, ATSC A/85

Measurable parameters:

  • Integrated loudness,
  • Short-term loudness,
  • Momentary loudness,
  • Loudness range,
  • True peak,
  • Peak to Loudness Ratio (PLR),
  • Peak to Short-Term Ratio (PSR).

Normalization accuracy: ±0.5 LUFS(LKFS) Max   

Target level: 23 LUFS / 24 LKFS (May be changed from -34 till 0 LUFS(LKFS))

Channel Mapping: 11 schemes (include 5.1 volume)

Batch Processing: Unlimited

System requirements: Windows 7/8/8.1/10, MS Framework 4.5.2, CPU i3+, RAM 4GB+



Audio Normalizing uses two algorithms:

A) Simple processing


1. Measuring the loudness level
2. The process of loudness normalization (to target level)
3. Measuring the loudness level for confirm the successful execution

B) Normalization with a mapping of channels:


1. Measuring the loudness level
2. A channel map processing
3. Measuring the loudness level
4. The process of normalization (to target level)
5. Measuring the loudness level for confirm the successful execution

One of the useful features of our application is batch processing. In combination with the speed, this allows you to normalize the volume in a very large number of files. For example, normalize all the audio content of an entire radio station or media agency.

The number of files for batch processing is unlimited! A simple and reliable algorithm for measuring loudness provides fast and accurate signal processing at the highest speed.

Support for most popular formats A simple and intuitive interface distinguishes our Audio Normalizer from other products.

In addition, many of our customers asked us for special product branches, which are sharpened specially for their technological cycle – and here our product has practically no any competitors.

How to normalize the loudness? – It’s elementary! Audio Normalizer.